Cardiovascular Associates Limited

Dental Assistant

We are seeking a qualified and experienced Dental Assistant.

If interested, please send your resume to

Application deadline: May 10, 2022. 


1. Job Function
The Dental Assistant is responsible for supporting the Dentist in the administration of core oral care procedures and diagnosing, preventing, and treating conditions of the oral cavity (teeth, gums and related structure of the mouth). All activities must conform to professional guidelines and standards and to all legal requirements.

2. Principal Duties and Responsibilities
• Obtain clients’ medical and dental history
• File and retrieve and update client records
• Perform extractions of deciduous teeth on children under the age of twelve (12).
• Place fillings on children under twelve (12).
• Administer local anaesthesia.
• Conduct cleanings and fluoride treatment.
• Clean and prepares equipment.
• Execute oral health education programs.
• Develops X-Rays.
• Cleans and sterilizes dental instruments used by dentists.
• Prepares the dental surgery for the next patient.
• Co-ordinates laboratory work for patients.
• Performs related work as directed by the appropriate Authority.

3. Personal Attributes
• Customer oriented
• Personable
• A high level of manual dexterity
• Good eyesight
• Passionate about providing high-quality patient care

4. Qualifications and Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene/ Dental Therapy from an accredited institution
• Five (5) CXC O’levels subjects inclusive of Mathematics, English and Biology
• Registration with the Dental Council of Trinidad and Tobago
• At least three (3) years training in a recognized school of Dental Nursing

5. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Excellent organization skills
• Excellent time management
• Able to work in a fast-paced environment
• Knowledge of Dental Nursing theory and practice.
• Knowledge of the Dental Laws and Ethics of Trinidad and Tobago
• Knowledge of dental medical material, housekeeping, hygiene and bedside nursing.
• Ability to use and maintain dental equipment with minimal supervision
• Ability to apply nursing techniques to routine and complex patient care situations.
• Ability to build and maintain relations a sympathetic attitude toward to patients
• Ability to design and create Dental Health education materials
• Must be mentally and physically fit.