Cardiovascular Associates Limited


At CVA Ltd. our objective for hiring is to select suitably qualified professionals who possess a drive for results and the capacity for continuous learning and growth.

Current Vacancies

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At CVA Ltd we provide employee benefits such as:

Departments and Positions

Further your career while gaining a wealth of experience.


Family Practitioner

House Officer [Cardiology]

Registered Nurse

Cardiovascular Technician

Clinical Nurse

Administrative Manager

Assistant Administrative Manager

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service Representative

Accounts Manager

Accounts Supervisor

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Accounts Payable Clerk


Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Clerk

Retail Manager


Pharmacy Technician

Logistics Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Purchasing Officer

Inventory Receiving Officer

Operations Manager

Operations Supervisor

Housekeeping Officer

Maintenance/Utilities Officer

Transportation Officer


Contracted Service Providers

CVA partners with independent complementary professional providers  to offer a holistic care service to its community. Qualified professionals can opt for profit sharing or rental agreement. With either option, we offer Administrative Support, Nursing Triage Services, Customer Services, Appointment Scheduling, Fee Collection Services, Pharmaceutical Services, Security and Facilities Management, IT Support Services, Telephone and Internet Services, Staff Discounts, and much more.


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