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As part of our preventative care offering, we provide comprehensive health screenings that can detect and/or prevent chronic illnesses. A healthy breakfast is catered for all packages.


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Our packages can be customized upon request to suit your medical requirements and your budget.


Appointments  are scheduled upon request and are coordinated to cater to your availability.

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Basic Instructions


Participants must wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


Blood Work – Participants are required to fast 10 to 12 hours prior to appointment.

Stool Sample – Participants are required to collect a specimen cup at our office at least 1 day prior to appointment, at which time our Lab representative will advise on special instructions for sample collection.


Participants are required to –
  • Shave under both arms
  • No powder, deodorant, perfumes or creams on upper part of body
  • Take 1 Motrin 800mg half hour before appointment and apply Xylocaine 5% ointment or Emla cream 5 gram to breast area before leaving home
  • Walk with previous mammogram films if done before.

Special Instructions

Special instructions for Nuclear Stress Test, Colonoscopy, and Exercise Stress Test will be thoroughly explained to participants by our Head of Nursing at least 2 days prior to appointment.

There are no special requirements for Bone Density, Echocardiogram, Pulmonary Function Test, ECG, or Chest X-ray.


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